Alamo Heights Student Honored for Leadership

Alamo Heights ISD Junior, Dylan Corso, was named an All-Star student!  South Texas UPS and  KENS 5 recognize students like Dylan that have achievements in leadership, academics, and community involvement.

The "Mayor of Alamo Heights High School"

Dylan Corso is often called the “Mayor” of Alamo Heights High School.  He earned the unofficial title because the honor student is a positive force around campus. 

Alamo Heights High School Principal, Cory Smith, said, “Since the moment I arrived last year on this campus, I thought, ‘who is that young man that’s always walking around campus with a purpose? He’s always on a mission.”

KENS5 all star student

Dylan is involved in many aspects of Alamo Heights High School including President of the Student Council, and a leadership role in the video production program.

“He is so dedicated to what he wants to do,” said Dylan’s CTE Video Production Teacher, Ann Carter. “He does so much for our school. He tries to get people included and involved, just goes above and beyond all the time.”

Dylan Corso All star student KENS5

“I love video because it’s not only a way I can express myself, but it’s a way I can, you know, reach the rest of the school,” said Dylan.  “My goal is always 100 percent student engagement and making sure every student feels like they have a home and that they belong in an equitable space where everyone is treated equally and on the same plane.”

KENS5 all star student

An Exceptional KENS5 All-Star Student

Dylan’s passion for community involvement and helping everyone feel welcome makes him stand out as an amazing Alamo Heights student. He wants to choose a future career path where he can make the biggest positive impact.

“I hope my lasting impact on the high school is one of joy and of grace,” said Dylan.

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