Medina Valley ISD Students Win Community Award

A special group of young people chosen as Champions For Change is determined to make life better for others in the San Antonio area.

They are team players. They stand up for what is right and advocate for important causes.

Two Medina Valley ISD 5th graders were chosen to be art of this amazing group of students.

Medina Valley ISD KENS

Brooke Zinsmeyer and Hailey Valchar are an incredible duo. The two are the brains behind “buddy benches” at LaCoste Elementary School.

Brooke and Hailey noticed some students have a difficult time making friends.  Together they planned the idea of having buddy benches on the playgrounds to help students not feel alone and assist anyone to make connections with others. The due presented the idea to the campus principal, researched cost, and contacted the high school wood shop to construct the benches.

Both young women are true leaders amongst their peers, mentoring younger students, volunteering in their community, and maintaining A’s on Honor Roll. Brooke and Hailey strive to make an impact in their community simply by being kind at all times and helping anyone they can.

Story courtesy of KENS5

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