Superintendent of the Year Nominee in Judson ISD!

Superintendent Janette Ball of Judson ISD is one of only five superintendents in Texas to be nominated for the Texas Association of School Boards’ 2021 Superintendent of the Year award.

Superintendent Ball Recognized for Leadership Style

Janette Ball has led Judson ISD for three years while serving almost 24,000 students.  Ball is celebrated for her open leadership style and her effectiveness at sharing the positive things happening in Judson ISD. 

Ball approaches her leadership position with humility, an open mind, and an attentive ear. Her inclusive approach to decision-making involves regular conversations with both students and staff.

judson isd superintendent
-Photo by The Holdsworth Center

Dr. Ball has been an administrator for 23 years, and she brings her team together with their shared love of children and their common goal of helping students succeed. 

Dr. Ball is a huge supporter of Fine Arts and its impact on student academic performance and achievement. Dual Language is a passion of hers as well. She sees the opportunities available to students who learn to speak more than one language.

judson isd janette ball
-Photo by The Holdsworth Center

How Superintendent of the Year Candidates are Selected

According to TASB, candidates are chosen for their strong leadership skills, dedication to improving educational quality, ability to build effective employee relations, student performance, and commitment to public involvement in education. All Texas superintendents are eligible for nomination by their school boards. 

The 2021 Superintendent of the Year will be announced September 24-26 at the Texas Association of School Administrators | TASB Convention.

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