Veteran Receives Diploma from Alvin ISD

75 years after his expected graduation date from Alvin ISD, veteran Pat Moore was awarded his high school diploma.

“It’s a long time coming,” said Moore. 

Seven decades ago, Alvin High School senior Pat Moore was drafted into the U.S. Army Air Corps to serve in WWII just several months before his graduation date. “Uncle Sam was calling,” he stated. Despite having a successful career as a crop-duster pilot, Moore was set on completing high school and receiving his diploma. Texas law allows those drafted into the military before graduation to return and complete high school. 

alvin isd vet diploma

At 93 years old, Moore was able to return in a cap and gown to receive his long awaited diploma at a small ceremony with his family. Alvin High School also honored him with a brand new letterman jacket, much like the one he wore in high school. He says he was inspired by his great-granddaughter, Bryssa, who also graduated from Alvin High School this year. 

Story courtesy of Alvin ISD and CBS News

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