Most everyone can agree that teachers are some of the most significant contributors to a child’s growth and development. They not only educate, they inspire, motivate, encourage, and care.  It’s a job that often requires hours long after the school day ends.  Yet, when you ask a teacher about their work, you’ll often see passion and joy about what they do.

Public schools, within an independent school district (not those that are within a charter network), have strict requirements for teacher certification.  In addition, school librarians must obtain a Master’s degree in Library Science.


  1. Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.  
  2. Complete an Educator Preparation Program
  3. Pass Certification Exams
  4. Submit a State Application
  5. Complete Fingerprinting

To learn more about teacher certification, including accredited programs, go to the Texas Education Agency’s website here