About “Go Public with David Chancellor”

Hosted and produced by Emmy award-winning journalist WOAI/Channel 4’s David Chancellor, these segments highlight students, educators, and schools throughout San Antonio-area’s ISDs. The wonderful, moving, and life-changing things happening every day in public schools serve as the backdrop for everything from innovative programs to extraordinary people. David’s storytelling captures the heart, mind, and spirit of San Antonio-area ISDs.

Boerne ISD: Pre-K Student Learns to Use Feet as Hands

4-year-old Rilyn Gonzalez of Van Raub Elementary School overcomes physical challenges with a smile. She was born missing muscles in her upper body. The disability affects her whole body, and she is unable to use her arms or hands. Along with her teaching assistant and biggest cheerleader, Heidi, Rilyn has made huge progress toward learning how to use her feet as tools. She also took her first step this year! Boerne ISD schools are dedicated to helping all students with disabilities to overcome obstacles with the goal of self-sufficiency. Rilyn is a shining example of perseverance and how much you can overcome with a positive attitude.

South San ISD: Father and Daughter Teach at the Same School

This father and daughter team of special education teachers at South San High School are proving that SSISD is full of tradition and pride!  The Guillen family has been a part of the South San community for generations, and the legacy continues. In this Go Public with David segment, first-year teacher, Alyssa Guillen, speaks about her dad as a role model and inspiration for her path into a career in education.  We love that South San pride!

Southside ISD: Principal Adopts Student

Southside ISD’s Pearce Elementary School Principal Brenda Gonzales and her husband, Rey, saw a student with a big heart and a dream to have a family.  They fell in love with the child and decided to adopt him. Little Breyden is now so grateful to have a forever home and a real family for the first time in his life.  Cheers to this sweet new family and their love for… cheese!

Judson ISD: Exemplary and Gifted Student

Karen Wagner High School’s Ian Fernandes is an extraordinary student who exemplifies Judson ISD’s high academic standards.  Besides ranking at the very top of his junior class, he is passionate about studying math, computer science, and history. Judson ISD is proud to have Ian representing the district in UIL academics, NASA’s Aerospace Scholars Program, and in the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio.

Alamo Heights ISD: A Truly Inspirational Family

The Peters family triplets are seniors at Alamo Heights High School, and they have learned to take care of each other in hard times from their mother, Karen.  The single mom, who supports her children in their ROTC, track, and softball activities, has had to lean on her kids for support after she suffered a stroke. This Alamo Heights family epitomizes perseverance, hope, and love.

Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD: Clemens High School Food Pantry for Students

Culinary Arts teacher, Amanda Tharp, received a grant to start a food pantry for the students at Clemens High School, and it has proven to be a huge success.  The CHS Culinary students sell their baked goods and use the proceeds to purchase healthy food to be given away in the pantry. This inspirational Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD program is helping to feed those in the community who need assistance.

Southwest ISD: Exemplary Student Doesn’t Waste Time

Southwest High School senior, Carlos Lara, is living Southwest ISD’s “Pre-K to Industry” motto.  The ambitious Carlos plays a key role in the STEM program, interns at Toyota, takes dual-credit classes, and participates in multiple student clubs and activities.  This Southwest ISD kid definitely does not waste any time!

Northside ISD: “Count Me In” Program of Inclusion

Northside ISD’s Clark High School offers a Principles of Dance class that means much more than a dance lesson or exercise program. Dance teacher Lauren Smith explains the significance of this class to the students, the staff, and the entire school. These students motivate the crowd during pep rallies and get everyone moving during recitals. The “Count Me In” motto for the dance class is a clever reminder of the power and importance of inclusion.

Randolph Field ISD: Students Care About the Environment

Students in Randolph Field ISD started a water conservation group called IMPACT.  The club sold reusable water bottles that paid for water stations to be set up in the schools.  They also created a “water field day” to teach Randolph Field elementary students about the impact water conservation has on the planet.  Their efforts have saved over 10,000 water bottles from going into landfills, and they have even inspired a recycling club at the middle school!

Medina Valley ISD: Auto Mechanic Class Students

The auto mechanics class at Medina Valley High School trains students to become Automotive Service Technicians.  Star students like Armando and Hector have the opportunity to attend high school classes in the morning, and then head to work as a paid interns in the afternoon with Red McCombs Ford West.  The students in this special “garage classroom” learn the basics of auto mechanics, as well as responsibility, accountability, and professionalism.

Floresville ISD: High School Students Prepared for College

Floresville High School has provided students with opportunities to complete dual credit courses, which count as credit for high school graduation as well as college credit.  Floresville ISD works with The University of Texas, UT ONRAMP, and Alamo Colleges to offer the program to students.

Maddy Castro is one of the many students who have benefited from the dual credit program.  She will be entering college as a sophomore, saving her family thousands of dollars on tuition by taking those freshman college basics in a public high school.

East Central ISD: High School Students’ Art on City Bus

Three East Central ISD students were chosen as winners in the Go Public city-wide campaign “Inspiring hearts, minds, & ideas through high school art”.  Jordan, Sajayra, and Elizabeth of East Central High School had the honor of seeing their original artwork displayed on city buses for the entire San Antonio community to enjoy.

North East ISD: Afterschool Boys to Gentlemen Club

North East ISD strives to “develop people, not just students”, and the Boys2Men club at Encino Park Elementary School does just that.  3rd through 5th graders who are interested in learning to become true gentlemen are welcome to join the group where they learn life skills like how to make a first impression, eye contact, tying a necktie, and sincere handshakes.   The students are better prepared to move on to middle school with a foundation of who they are, and who they want to be. The confidence and integrity learned in this gentlemen’s’ club will stay with them through adulthood.

San Antonio ISD: Phoenix Middle College Partnership

Phoenix Middle College is a tuition-free public school campus that offers students a high school diploma, college credit, and industry certifications.  San Antonio ISD juniors and seniors can apply to this program to earn credit in a true college atmosphere with individual instruction and high expectations.  Students can graduate with certifications in several fields like welding, plumbing, culinary arts, cybersecurity, construction, and aircraft mechanics. The school provides everything they need to have a job right out of high school and/or start working on a 4-year degree.

Judson ISD: Judson High School Rocket Pride

Brandon Ivey has become famous at Judson High School and throughout Judson ISD for his support of the baseball and volleyball teams.  Brandon offers mental and emotional support to the players and coaches, and he inspires “Rocket Pride” throughout his school and community.  His spirited energy and LOUD cheers are a gift that all in Judson appreciate and love!

Schertz Cibolo Universal City : Students Run a Coffee Cart

Wilder Intermediate School in Schertz- Cibolo- Universal City has a wonderful monthly “Sweets and Sips” for the teachers and staff.  Students in the ALE, or Alternative Learning Environment, program work as a team to bake and serve food and beverages throughout the school. The students learn valuable life, social, money, and vocational skills that they can use beyond school years.  The inclusive school community participates in Sweets and Sips as well as the monthly bake sale to support these hard working and positive students!

North East ISD: Students Collect Food for Kids

Vineyard Ranch Elementary Fourth graders started the Fourth for Others club, which collects and donates food to children in the North East ISD community.  The kids take the initiative and create fliers, posters, collection boxes to advertise and organize the project voluntarily during their lunch and recess time.  They are in charge of keeping up with inventory and deciding which items are still needed. The students genuinely enjoy being able to contribute to the community and their peers, as well as being role models for kids in younger grades.

La Vernia ISD : Students Gain Healthcare Experience

Seniors in the medical field at La Vernia High School have the opportunity spend numerous hours gaining real-life experience at Connally Medical Center.  All of these students are Certified Medical Assistants, and they are trained and able to perform CPR, prepare patients for EKGs, and observe surgeries. The medical experience gained gives them an edge on the competition trying to get into medical professions, and the life experience in compassion and patience will stay with them beyond high school education.

Northside ISD : STEM Prepares Students for the Future

Terrace Elementary and several other elementary schools in Northside ISD created a pilot program to introduce STEM to students as early as Pre-K.  The program provides students the basics of life skills like collaboration and problem solving, while diving into more complicated subjects like coding, robotics, and engineering design.  The STEM program sets these students up on pathways which can grow with them throughout their education and future careers.

San Antonio ISD : Students Learn About Civil Rights History

More than 80 eighth graders from the Advanced Learning Academy in San Antonio ISD were honored to take a trip to several significant historical civil rights locations.  The students traveled to Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma, and they were able to visit sites like the 16th Street Baptist Church, the Rosa Parks Library and Museum, and the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  The unique experience, funded by SAISD and fundraising, is one that these students will never forget.

Southside ISD: Student Heroes Spark Friendship

Southside ISD is extremely proud to highlight these Matthey Middle School students in this segment that warms the heart.  When a teacher asked Elijah Cantu to help Marcus Davis with something in class, the two boys sparked a friendship that went beyond their language barriers and changed both of their lives.  Marcus began teaching Elijah sign language, and Elijah went even further by taking classes to learn more. Elijah gained skills in signing, and Marcus gained a friend at school that he can communicate with and trust. Both students represent the ideals of Southside ISD heroes!

Southwest ISD: Students Carry FFA Lessons into Future Careers

Southwest High School students Kellie and Zach are passionate about FFA. As FFA legacy students following in their parents’ footsteps, they have aspirations to use what they learn in FFA in their future careers. Kellie understands the responsibility of raising animals round-the-clock as she competes in livestock shows regularly. Zach is a talented welder and uses his skill on his family farm. He is currently working on a fire pit and pizza oven that will be auctioned off at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo for scholarship money. Both students plan to carry their love for FFA into their college and career futures.