School District Recap: Houston and the Homecoming Mum

Around this time of year, non-Texans might be heard questioning the excitement and fanfare surrounding homecoming mums.  Native Texans might be shocked to learn that not everyone celebrates homecoming with the iconic mum. 

Homecoming mums actually started in Texas and are mostly limited to Texas in popularity. However, over the years, a few other southern states like Oklahoma, Alabama, and Louisiana have adopted the tradition as well.  

The chrysanthemum is a common fall flower, which is why it was chosen for the centerpiece of corsages given to homecoming dates.  Homecoming mums began as a simple, single flower with perhaps a few ribbons. In true Texas style and over time, they got bigger. A lot bigger.

These days the mums consist of a huge silk flower surrounded by a vast array of ribbons, bows, bells, charms, and other creative items. Worn on their arms, boys now have garters fashioned in the same style as the girls’ mums. 

Check out a few examples of fun homecoming mums from around our Houston area schools!

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