Neill Elementary Campus Garden Gets Healthy Kids Grant


FORT BEND ISD, Neill Elementary

FBISD’s Neill Elementary and Neill PTO were recently awarded the Parents for Healthy Kids Grant, which provides funds and resources to introduce or improve parent-led fitness, nutrition, and other wellness programs. The grant is aimed at giving students access to healthy choices.

The $1,000 grant will fund an irrigation project for the Neill campus gardens. Neill students have used the garden to plant produce included in the state’s Harvest of the Month program, which brings awareness to eating local and fresh produce.

“Students will plant the seeds for an item each season, maintaining and caring for the produce as it grows. Then, ultimately, harvesting and sampling the vegetables,” said Saralyn McIver, a parent on the Neill Elementary PTO. “We hope that in addition to learning the process of our food from seed to table, students will have a sense of accomplishment and pride in the food they have grown.”

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