Waller High School Offers Hands-On Experience and Job Training

WHS Cultivates Future Pharmacy Technicians 

The CTE Pharmacy Technician program offers students the opportunity to become a certified pharm tech by the time they leave high school through job training and hands-on experience. A pharm tech is a certified healthcare professional who performs pharmacy-related functions and works hand-in-hand with a pharmacist. They are responsible for assembling and supplying medicine to patients, providing medical information, and managing supplies.

“Programs like pharmacy tech (in our public schools) are extremely important for our students. They leave high school with not only a certification but job-related experience and can immediately go into the workforce,” Pharm Tech teacher Natalie Miller said. “Whether the students decide to pursue this career long-term or as a college job, they are prepared.”

Students are required to complete 50 clinical hours as part of the curriculum to ensure they receive hands-on experience. For these clinical hours, WHS has partnered with Walgreens pharmacies.

“Walgreens pharmacies have by far been the easiest and most supportive organization to work with. They work so well with the students and really take the time to show them the skills needed,” Miller said. “Many of the Walgreens pharmacies will actually hire the students as a pharmacy technician trainee while they are still in high school!”

85% of Waller HS students are enrolled in one or more Career and Technical Education (CTE) Career Training & Education (CTE) courses. Houston-area public schools offer a wide range of programs that include certifications and job-related training. Students are prepared for career and life through the curriculum and exposure to industry jobs. Learn more about CTE programs here.

[photo: waller pharmacy]

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