Houston Region Advanced Academics Programs

Houston area public school districts provide numerous advanced academic programs that suit each student’s individual personal needs. These plans offer opportunities for each child, from elementary to high school, and they establish significantly high goals for their college-bound students. Examples of programs in advanced academics include Advanced Placement, Talented and Gifted, and Dual Credit.  Parents and students are encouraged to explore the many advanced academic programs that their Gulf Coast area school district offers.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement, or AP, programs allow Houston area high school students to participate in college-level coursework and exams. Universities can grant college credit to high school AP students who achieve high AP exam scores.  The acquired credit can provide an opportunity to bypass introductory or first-year college courses. College admissions staff favor AP achievements on applications and transcripts, as  AP coursework gives high school students college-level work experiences in addition to the skills needed for academic success in the future.


Talented and Gifted

Houston and Gulf Coast area elementary schools offer their advanced learning public school students the opportunity to participate in Gifted & Talented programs. Texas Education Agency guidelines mandate that public school districts provide services to K-12 students who are identified as GT. Children identified as gifted usually perform at high levels in a creative area when compared to their peers. GT students often possess exceptional leadership abilities, and they display a passion for learning in one or more subjects. Gifted and Talented students do not necessarily become Advanced Placement students in middle school and/or high school because they don’t always flourish in environments with more time-consuming work. Instead, GT students often prefer to pursue their unique talents with passion.

Dual Credit Programs

School districts in Houston offer dual enrollment or dual credit courses in addition to GT and Advanced Placement options. Texas dual credit programs intend for eligible students to participate in college courses while they are in high school.  Students can receive credit for courses from their high school and college simultaneously. All dual credit courses are offered on the college campus or at the high school, and they can include academic and/or technical classes. The dual credit program benefits local students because earned credits can transfer to public universities in Texas. The program provides a college workload, experience in high-level classes, and it saves money on tuition. Additionally, students that transfer these credits are still technically first-year students as they enter college, so they are able to apply for grants and scholarships that may be available to entering freshmen.


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