Gulf Coast and Houston-area public schools provide school counselors for all Independent School District (ISD) schoolchildren.  Our students’ social, academic, and emotional development are integral parts of learning success.  Public school counselors support their students’ in several ways.

Guidance counselors aim to develop students’ intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

Counselors can:

  • encourage positive attitudes and behaviors
  • enhance peer relationships
  • teach conflict resolution tools
  • provide support in case of death of a family member or friend
  • advise students through a family divorce
  • guide students dealing with substance abuse issues

Counselors assist schools to create discipline guidelines to discourage bad behavior.  They highlight the benefits of positive relationships between students, peers, and teachers.  Counselors are available to provide support and resources for students experiencing family trauma like divorce or death.

School counseling programs raise awareness and education on serious safety issues.

Counselors can:

  • teach suicide prevention awareness
  • inform families on school safety
  • educate students on harassment 
  • support students coping with bullying and victimization
  • warn students of gang pressures
  • provide help for victims of family abuse

Public school counselors are available to support victims of bullying, harassment, and abuse. They educate students on school safety and suicide prevention to provide a safe learning environment for all.

Public school counselors help with academic anxiety as well as postsecondary goals and college and career planning.

Counselors can:

  • help lower test anxiety
  • teach study skills
  • help students make wise college choices
  • assist students with career planning
  • provide information on scholarships and financial aid

School counselors are equipped with strategies to help children manage pressure and anxiety about school.  A counselor can assist students in creating an academic plan to prepare them for after high school.  They can provide details on colleges and universities, help students fill out a college application, and find available scholarship options.  They can provide families with financial aid resources and information on saving for college like the 529 college savings plan.

For students who do not wish to attend college, counselors can help them create a coursework outline to set them up for success in their chosen career paths.


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