Food Action and Research Center research explains how students participating in school meal programs consume more fruits, milk, and vegetables.  They also intake higher amounts of certain valuable nutrients like calcium and fiber than nonparticipants.

Students with hunger struggles are more likely to display signs of issues in their emotional, behavioral, and mental well-being.  These students are more likely to earn lower grades or to repeat grades than other students not dealing with hunger issues. Children who are fed in school have higher attendance rates and better overall grades and test scores. (FRAC Article)

In Houston and the Gulf Coast area, the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) and SquareMeals administers the USDA  National School Breakfast program, the USDA National School Lunch program, and many After-School and Dinner Programs. Through the Gulf Coast school districts’ Child Nutrition Departments, public schools follow the guidelines and create their own nutritious and delicious recipes that students love.  Qualifying meal plans allow schools to be eligible for reimbursements from the USDA, through the TDA.  These agencies provide standard nutrition guidelines, food safety training, and ongoing professional development.  When the school year ends in Houston area’s traditional public schools, the Texas Dept. of Agriculture continues to feed students during the summer months via the Summer Feeding Program at local schools and summer feeding sites like the Houston Food Bank through their Kids Cafe.

School breakfast and lunch programs are extremely valuable services provided by our local public school districts.  Serving nutritious school lunches and breakfasts to each Houston student, each day, means our children are better prepared to focus, learn, and succeed.

Whether you attend Gulf Coast High Schools in North Shore High School in Galena Park ISD, Langham Creek High School in Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, Fort Sam Houston Elementary School, or any Gulf coast area public school, you can find a wide variety of lunch menus.  Some examples of typical Houston free school lunch menu include: 

Houston school lunch menu: galena park isd

Houston free or reduced lunch and Child Nutrition Income Eligibility Guidelines:,Program%20%28and%20Commodity%20School%20Program%29%2C%20School%20Breakfast%20

Child Nutrition Guidelines