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We’re happy to share these science, technology, engineering, arts, and math inspirational quotes from our educators, parents, and community. Whether you’re looking for science quotes or real world knowledge about the benefits of STEM and STEAM education for students, these are sure to inspire.

The world is in constant change; thus, though a critical STEAM education, students can learn how to adapt to new and different situations. We are preparing students for jobs and environments that might not exist right now.

Marilupe Hren, Math Teacher Dulles HS, FBISD –

STEM/STEAM is important because it exposes students to the arts and technology with math and science. This prepares students for the how the world is evolving today and showing the importance of these particular skills in everyday life.

Science Quotes

Ashley Figures, P-TECH Math Teacher Willowridge High School, Fort Bend ISD –

With the growing rate of technology and virtual communication in our communities, students must capitalize on opportunities to innovate and bridge the gap for well-rounded societal norms.

Rod Thomas,Teacher/Coach Willowridge High School, Fort Bend ISD –

STEAM is so important because it ignites the imagination and sets the soul on fire. It allows students to create endless ideas. And it allows students to explore the world through their fingertips! The possibilities that it provides for learning are limitless!

Kelley Bradshaw, 5th Grade Science Teacher Rancho Isabella Elementary, Angleton ISD –

STEAM-based programs engage students in high levels of learning while developing their critical thinking skills, thus increasing student learning and achievement.

Claudia Sanchez, Principal Winston Elementary, Edgewood ISD –

STEAM Education is the ultimate vessel for learning. It combines real-world issues, problem-based learning, collaboration, technology, community partnerships, and an environment where failure is seen as opportunity for learning. The result is an education that prepares students with both the hard and soft skills necessary for success in the global 21st century workforce.

Juli Salzman, Music Specialist, STEAM Ambassador Coach Northside Elementary STEAM School, Angleton ISD –

STEAM is important because it incorporates problem solving skills related to our every day world, which enhance perspective for new possibilities and life concepts.

Graciela Martinez, Principal Kennedy HS, Edgewood ISD –

STEM education paves pathways to success for learners of all backgrounds. Tech jobs are rapidly growing and hands-on learning encourages students to try new things, build confidence, and set high goals. Creating STEM opportunities for K-12 students is investing in the leaders of tomorrow!

Liz Talley, Community Engagement Manager Youth Code Jam –

I believe STEM is important because it brings out the student’s creativity. It allows them to apply what they have learned in their classes. STEM causes them to become thinkers, problem solvers and risk takers. It teaches them that even when the outcome is not what they expected, they still learned something.

Gilbert Rodriguez, Makerspace Teacher Alonso S. Perales Elementary, Edgewood ISD –

Teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love!

Zenaida Drew,Pre-K Teacher Oak Meadow Elementary, North East ISD –

By teaching students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers in our SMART LAB,as well as collaborators with their classmates, I believe we encourage their creativity with project-based learning to develop a framework that will serve them well into their future.

David Padilla,Creative Learning Systems Facilitator Dwight Middle School STEM Academy, South San ISD –

I was born in a time when personal computers, cell phones, and electric vehicles weren’t even dreamed of. The way the world operates today has changed dramatically since then, and who knows what the future will hold? To prepare for this, we must provide our children with a strong STEM/STEAM education. Everything taught in these programs gives students the tools they’ll need in not only their day to day lives, but in their future careers as well. Our children today are our leaders of tomorrow, and exposure to that type of learning is an essential pathway to success. To quote Malcom X : “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Paula Heileman,Executive Board Member Santa Fe Texas Education Foundation, Santa Fe ISD –

STEM is an excellent program to allow students to learn more about not only science, technology, engineering, and math but also to apply this knowledge. Students are given the opportunity to use these skills to develop their creative and critical thinking in school but and to better prepare them for their future careers.

Anna Lopez, STEM Academy Coordinator Dwight Middle School, South San ISD –

STEM courses open doors and opportunities to students they might not otherwise experience, providing students with hands-on, industry-based experiences that prepare students for the workplace and/or college.

Ashlee Boothe, CTE Coordinator Cleveland ISD –

Research shows that students who never struggle in school underperform after graduation. STEM provides the struggle, and the need for grit and perseverance to accomplish a difficult task. Along the way, students learn collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking out of sheer necessity. And since most of the jobs our elementary students will have in the future haven’t even been invented yet, these are skills that will be assets to everyone, no matter the profession.

Chris Gibson, STREAM Teacher Stephen F. Austin STEM Academy, Brazosport ISD –

“Those who dream at night in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. ” T. E. Lawrence Act out your Dreams and make them come True. STEM and/or STEAM is important for students to Act or Dream what has never been dreamed before.

Jimmy Aldape,ECHS Counselor Southside Early College High School, Southside ISD –

An important aspect of STREAM education is having students understand the connection between the content knowledge (math, ELA, social studies, and science) that they are gaining in their classrooms and real-world problems. STREAM also promotes the use of “soft” skills such as collaboration, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, time management, and critical thinking. Through the use of the EDP (Engineering Design Process), students learn the steps involved in solving problems and learn that failure is a HUGE part of learning.

Amy Scott, STREAM Lab Teacher Beutel Elementary School, Brazosport ISD –

I love introducing the Engineering Design Process in the STREAM Lab. Some of the most amazing learning moments happen in students’ failures. Students develop grit to keep trying and understand that learning truly involves making mistakes. It is amazing to watch students change their mindset from “I can’t” to “How can I improve this so it works.”

Pamela Horton, STREAM Lab Teacher Bess Brannen Elementary School, Brazosport ISD –

STEM/STREAM is important because it gives the students a chance to experience learning in a project based form. This provides a more hands on, fun, and engaging way of learning. STEM/STEAM also provides real world applications that could apply to future career choices!

Kelsey Harvey, STEM/CTE Teacher Santa Fe ISD –

As a woman in the technology field, STEM and STEAM are crucial for the future of our children and our society. The exposure that STEM/STEAM gives to our youth allows them a different critical thinking process than is available in conventional curriculum. Getting involved in this curriculum as a child will kickstart them into a future that is needed in our workforce. In addition to that exposure, many of the STEM/STEAM programs present the information to them in an entertaining platform thus instilling a love in their hearts.

Tempest Gray, Parent Santa Fe ISD –

STEM Education is important because it prepares students for the future. It encourages thoughtful process, planning and collaboration and fosters creativity and ingenuity. It develops well-rounded, future leaders of a multitude of industries.

Kayla Platt, Robotics Coach/Computer Science Teacher Santa Fe Junior High, Santa Fe ISD –

STEAM education allows my students to engage in learning activities designed to promote problem solving and cooperation with their peers. Since implementing STEAM, my students are excited to come to class because they get to make personal connections with what they are learning! I know that my students are developing the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in life.

Kelsey Payne, 5th Grade Science Teacher Northside Elementary, Angleton ISD –

STEM/STEAM offers opportunities to “learn by doing” with hands-on activities, which can open the doors to innovation and creativity for students of all ages. STEM/STEAM inspires students to stretch their thinking and showcase their knowledge in new ways.

Morgan Hill, Instructional Interventionist Vineyard Ranch Elementary, North East ISD –

STEAM helps students explore new materials, work together, solve problems, challenge their thinking, and spark their creativity.

Paul Kienlen, Principal Pre-K Academy at West Avenue, North East ISD –

“Building Minds, Building Futures”

Jose Garay, STEM Specialist Valley Hi Elementary, Northside ISD –

“Kids’ Futures Stem from STEM” I believe STEM is important because as the future builds more towards science and technology we need to build the minds of young learners to drive in the same direction so they can have successful futures.

Jose Garay, STEM Specialist Valley Hi Elementary, Northside ISD –

We don’t expect all of our students to go into STEM careers, but we do want all of our students to gain the skills that participating in STEM cultivates, specifically critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

Matthew Garrett, Academic Technology Coordinator Northside ISD –

STEAM creates the foundation for economy. The architecture, innovation and public art of a city is the root of what makes it desirable. Teaching STEAM grows communities one creative development at a time.

Amber Gann, Art 1 Teacher Southside HS, Southside ISD –

Incorporating learning opportunities that foster the STEM approach is important because it teaches students how to use an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems and I believe teaches them the value of collaboration. It also provides an opportunity for productive struggle and inspires students to be curious about careers in science, math, engineering, and technology.

Crystal Moreno, Instructional Coach Windcrest Elementary, North East ISD –

STEM education is vital to elementary students as it allows for creativity in solving problems, while also removing anxiety for having to arrive at a standardized answer. Many future career opportunities can be unlocked through STEM as it gives students a wider range of possibilities to pursue.

Don Kline,STEM Teacher Wernli Elementary, Northside ISD –

STEM/STEAM activities and classes are so important for students to take part in. They all require critical thinking skills and hands on experiences. Success in these courses will lead to success in numerous careers throughout the workforce. With technology constantly changing, we must keep current and teach our students various problem solving skills while involving them with the community/industry in real world projects. Professional presentation skills are a must, as well!

Tracy Thomas, CTE Teacher-Principles of Applied Engineering Krueger School of Applied Technologies, North East ISD –

STEM/STEAM is important because it utilizes the left and right side of the brain which leads to the develkopment of creative problem solving skills. Every failed project means we are one step closer to the next great invention or cure. Adding art to the collaboration of the stem fields, helps the world to think outside the box and to see science a little differently.

Charisse Aoki, 6th Grade Science Teacher BRADLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL, North East ISD –

STEM: Dreaming big together and paving the way to a better future.

Brenda Saldaña, K-5th STEM Teacher Westwood Terrace Elementary, Northside ISD –

STEM/STEAM is an integral part of teaching the whole child, not just the basic of reading, writing, math and science. Students need to be exposed to how science, technology, engineering, art, and math all work together in our 21st century world. Future employers want employees who can think critically and creatively to solve the world’s problems. STEM/STEAM is the answer!

Melissa Stangle, 4th Grade Teacher Cibolo Creek Elementary, Boerne ISD –

STEM education is essential because we as educators are responsible for shaping the next generation of innovators. STEM teaches students at a very young age to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. Our job as STEM educators is to teach students how to solve problems that have not yet been discovered.

Cheri LaBelle, K-5 STEM Teacher Meadow Village Elementary, Northside ISD –

STEM/STEAM are important because this type of learning fosters creativity, problem-solving, and inquiry in our students. It teaches our students to think outside the box.

AnaLisa Chadwell, 1st Grade Teacher Vineyard Ranch, North East ISD –

Science is all around us in the world. Technology is continuing to expand into all areas of our daily lives. By giving students opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, we will ignite a fire in today’s generation of learners to help them become our future innovative leaders.

Phylicia Glover, STEM Academy Principal Royal STEM Academy, Royal lSD –

STEAM is now more important than ever. With students learning in a virtual environment, now is the time they need to “own their learning.” STEAM encourages students to focus on their interests and inspires them to design, develop and demonstrate their expertise in new ways. It is precisely why we have built the “Edison Lab” at Bush Middle School, a place for students to become learners.

Stuart Guthrie, Principal Bush Middle School, North East ISD –

STEAM is important because, it teaches a lot of different skills that help students be able to explore, plan design, and build. Each topic lesson build on each other, helping students to remember to incorporate it, but also expand their learning.

Adrianna Dominguez, STEAM Teacher Northwood Elementary, North East ISD –

As professions continue to specialize STEAM becomes critical in teaching students to view issues through a wider lens allowing them to move beyond traditional barriers.

Daniel Mauldin, Principal Robert C. Zamora, South San ISD –

STEAM is an invaluable program in many ways. I love that students can interact with their STEAM teacher and their peers to hypothesize ways to come up with solutions to needs in the classroom, community, and their world. So much CREATIVITY shines in STEAM!!!

Diana Solis, ALE Asst., supports ALE students in STEAM Thousand Oaks ES, North East ISD –

STEM excites students about learning in our world with multiple rescources.

Sabrina Lara, Counselor Clerk Nimitz, North East ISD

“Through teamwork, problem-solving and experimentation, STEM/STEAM helps students live the concepts through ‘minds on/hands on’ learning – rather than just through reading or lecture.”

Dawn Tanner, GT Facilitator Cibolo Creek Elementary, Boerne ISD –

During this time of increased learning at a distance, now more than ever, we know that STEM education can happen anywhere. STEM can provide transformative learning experiences wherever learning happens!

Heather Willis, Director, Career and Technical Education Boerne ISD –

STEAM is important because it keeps us all connected. We share these formulas, blueprints, art, and techniques with each other to help bring each other up and to make each other better people.

Marilyn Luna, TeacherSouthside HS, Southside ISD –

We hope you enjoyed reading and sharing our science quotes and other words of inspiration and wisdom related to STEAM education.