Thought Leaders in Public Education

Bobby Blount, Bexar County School Boards Coalition

Bexar county school boards coalition public ed book

Under the direction of Northside ISD Trustee Bobby Blount, this second edition captures the history and important facts about each of the 19 San Antonio area ISDs.  The book, published by the Bexar County School Boards Coalition, includes  stories from the ISDs and actions they took during the first 60-days of the COVID-19 outbreak in Texas. It closes with the history and impact of the “Go Public” campaign and efforts.

“Ask a Former Board Trustee” (AFBT) – White papers from the Clear Creek ISD chapter

Former Trustees answer questions from the community and author white papers on important topics around public education. Contributors include: Joanna Baleson, Ken Baliker, Bob Davee, Glenn Freedman, Ann Hammond, Charlie Pond, Dee Scott, Win Weber, Page Rander, Jennifer Broddle

Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce

The group is comprised of former Clear Creek ISD Trustees. Dedicating their time, talent, and resources, they answer questions submitted by the community. Together, they research the questions and provide thoughtful, factual white papers to help educate and inform. 

AFBT - White Papers