Leadership and community is our November theme this year where students in public schools learn to connect to their hearts, expand their minds and to create ground-breaking ideas. Our public schools have a crucial role in helping to cultivate a civic-minded community of the future. Read more about our educators that go out of their way to make mastery of standards fun, to schools learning the importance of giving back in this edition of the District Round-up.
Thanks to Floresville High School, MacArthur High School, and Highland Park Elementary showing us how they inspire hearts, minds, and ideas.

Inspiring Minds – Floresville Teacher Takes 10th Grade Math Test 

Most people don’t enjoy taking tests. So when Floresville HS math teacher, Mrs. Cassie Earl decided to take one voluntarily, it got noticed. Her rationale was a recognition of the need to support students with the math portion of the TSI. The TSI is an assessment taken in the 10th grade that, among other things, determines. whether a student can take dual credit courses or participate in Alamo Academies programs. “Last year, students expressed how frustrating the test was because it didn’t seem to be aligned to geometry, the current math course associated with 10th graders. The TSI wasn’t around when I was in school, so I was unfamiliar with what it contained,” explained Earl.

After taking the test, she discovered ways she could help students feel more prepared. For example, students aren’t able to use items that are commonly used in other types of testing like a graphing calculator or a formula sheet. As a result and to better prepare students, Mrs. Earl has incorporated a TSI practice problem every day in her classes, without the use of a calculator. And, because students need to remember the previous year’s work, she’s also incorporated a review of algebra concepts in her geometry class.

“We have brilliant students at FHS, but we weren’t preparing them for this kind of test,” said a passionate Earl. With the adjustments, she’s made and what she’s learned, she wants to see marked improvement. “My goal is to see a 20% increase in student performance this year with numbers rising in the future.”
Thank you, Mrs. Earl for being willing to take a risk to improve student instruction, outcomes and their college-readiness. #FISDGreatStaff#FISDLifeLongLearners #GoPublic

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​Inspiring Hearts – NEISD Builds Bear Baskets for Traumatized Children 

The MacTEACH peer tutoring and outreach program at MacArthur High School is giving back to students in need. MacTEACH students are creating bear baskets for MacArthur’s elementary feeder schools. The bear baskets are meant to comfort children experiencing physical, emotional and other issues. Each basket contains a stuffed teddy bear, books, puzzles, games, coloring books, crayons, markers, pencils, activity items, journals and other goodies.

“Because MacTEACH supports all students, and those oppressed, we keep at our forefront our greatest assets – our young children,” said Steve Davidson, MacTEACH coordinator. “It’s imperative we do more than simply realize unfortunate things happen to our children. We must come to their immediate aid at those levels best suited to our capacities.”

This is also an opportunity for MacTEACH students to make an impact by delivering the bear baskets. MacArthur senior and project co-leader Alyssa Ramirez says this is an opportunity to be part of something bigger than herself.
“To know I was part of a process that has the possibility of impacting even one child is amazing to consider,” said Ramirez.

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​Inspiring Ideas – SAISD Challenges Students to a Literary Dress Up Day

Highland Park Elementary held a Storybook Character Parade today to promote literacy and the love of reading. Students dressed as their favorite storybook characters, carrying the books in which their characters were featured.

Warning: Super adorable picture below!