Huffman ISD Athletic Trainers Get Hands-On Experience

Students in high school can learn to be athletic trainers.  Huffman ISD student athletic trainers assist in keeping student-athletes healthy.

Student Athletic Trainers Shine from the Sidelines

Huffman athletic trainers prepare for the school year learning and practicing emergency procedures.

Huffman athletic trainers

Student Athletic Training programs at schools like Huffman High School offer a great opportunity for students to be involved with athletics even if they are not athletes themselves. Students interested in sports medicine or similar fields can get hands-on training in high school.

Student athletic trainers are valuable to ensuring the health and safety of student-athletes. Student trainers attend practices and games, assist with hydration, help with basic first aid, and learn to wrap and tape injuries. Trainers can also help with field set-up, keep up with athletic training room inventory, and monitor training room cleanliness.

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