Career and Technical Education (CTE) Variety

The variety of CTE (Career and Technical Education) courses related to the career cluster topics are limitless. The most popular CTE classes include Culinary Arts, Baking, Accounting, Energy Technology, Web Design, Business Management, Business Law, Computer Information Systems, Architectural Drafting, Auto Mechanics, Graphic Design, Construction, Metalwork, Welding, Furniture Making, Floral Design, Building Trades, Health Sciences, Multimedia Arts, Law Enforcement, Agriculture, Audio-Video Technology, Building Trades, Health Occupations, etc.

CTE in action, courtesy of the @AliefISD Center for Advanced Careers

CTE includes construction technology

Mr. Eastman’s Construction Technology students are practicing hammer skills and utilizing a table saw.

Alief ISD CTE construction

CTE Auto Tech Students

Students learn how to use the lift and the Energy, Power, and Transfer students change the oil and perform state inspections.

CTE Auto Technology

CTE Vet Science students

Students pamper two dogs, Suki and Enzo.

CTE vet science

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Alief ISD Center for Advanced Careers CTE

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