Clear Creek ISD Students Speak with Astronauts

Robinson Elementary in Clear Creek ISD closed out the school year with a unique opportunity to pose questions to Astronaut Megan McArthur, Pilot of the NASA SpaceX Crew-2 mission and currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

clear creek astronauts

Robinson space fans gathered in their classrooms to participate in the Education In-Flight downlink, listening intently as Astronaut McArthur answered questions the students posed.

Questions like, “Why do Astronauts wear space suits?” asked by Kindergartner Quinn Bright. McArthur explained that astronauts need to be protected from the environment of space.  

Students learning remotely were also plugged into the downlink. First-grader Penelope Hancock asked McArthur what her favorite views from space were. McArthur answered that in addition to the beautiful planet, oceans, and cloud formations, “I love to look back and it makes me think of all the people that I love who are back home.”

The Q&A session included McArthur’s husband and NASA Astronaut Bob Behnken, who answered questions from the Robinson Elementary library.

astronaut at clear creek isd

Story provided by Clear Creek ISD News.

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