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SCUCISD Athletic Director Scott Lehnhoff

An interview with SCUCISD Director of Athletics, Scott Lehnhoff

What inspired you to become an athletic director?

In SCUC ISD, we went several years without an athletic director. As a coach, I saw the struggles our coaches (including myself) had without a central office presence. I was motivated to be an advocate for coaches, athletes, and the tools and support we needed to do our jobs.

SCUC ISD truly has an “All of Us” approach to everything we do. From our custodial staff to our Superintendent, we are supported in athletics and there is a large effort to ensure everyone is appreciated. We have tremendous coaches that are, first and foremost, dedicated to to kids and good role models for kids. Athletics is important to our athletes and families. So many of them have goals beyond HS athletics. Our athletes are hard working, dedicated to their craft, and appreciative of their teammates and coaches. Good people are good athletes, and we have been fortunate in SCUC that our best athletes have been some of our best people. The traits of those leaders have been passed down through the years.

At SCUC ISD, what has made you most proud?

The victories as an AD are different from being a coach. They are not as glamorous. It is great to change policy or improve facilities for our programs, but the most satisfying experiences come from the successes of our programs, coaches, and students. I have really enjoyed watching teams/athletes continue to persevere despite tough circumstances and come out victorious. Anyone can lead and be a part of something when “all is well”. I’ve really appreciated watching our coaches lead our teams through the struggle and adversity. Those are proud moments for ADs.


What do you believe are the benefits of athletics for students?

There are so many benefits to being a part of public school athletics. Fitness, building physical and mental toughness, learning to overcome adversity, learning to work with/for others, working for a common goal, accountability(for so many of our kids, coaches/their athletic program is their only source of holding them accountable for grades, behavior). Athletic periods are a huge tool for our programs. Students in those athletic periods get daily life counseling, coaches that hold them accountable for grades and behavior, leadership lessons, and knowledge about their sport.

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