East Central ISD believes in creating well-rounded students equipped with a variety of skills to carry them past graduation. The district developed a Community-Based Accountability System, which allows the community contribute to the district’s efficiencies and progress.

Superintendent Roland Toscano says, “By documenting our progress against the community’s expectations and values, our taxpayers continue to see the extraordinary value of their public education.”

East Central and the surrounding community’s priority is for all high school graduates to be college or career ready. Elementary students begin at a Leadership Academy where they are taught collaboration and teamwork. Middle school students participate in dual language programs and exciting academic programs. The high schools offer over 100 programs and clubs which contribute to the hands-on and field-based learning in many classes.

In the fall of 2020, ECISD will open CAST Lead to appeal to students interested in tourism, hospitality, retail, and e-commerce careers. The voice of the community is keeping East Central on track for student success!