Writing was a family affair at the FSE Writing Olympics! Family members and their kindergartners wrote and illustrated their own short stories. Together, they went through the writing process beginning with a brainstorming activity that helped the student decide what to write about. To help, teachers provided some prompts to guide their work, for example, “What is your favorite family tradition?” “What is your favorite family vacation?”. After choosing his/her favorite topic, the student began to write under the interested and watchful eye of the family member.
One of FISD’s Core Beliefs is “We believe that education is a shared responsibility throughout the community,” and the Writing Olympics is a perfect example of making educating students a collaborative effort between teachers and their families. The best learning happens when students know that their academic success is important at home as well as at school. Thank you to the FSE kindergarten parents, grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles for participating in the Writing Olympics, and showing your child that learning is a priority.

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