Families gathered at Carroll Bell Elementary School Thursday evening to engage in a number of activities for the school’s annual STEM Family Night. Students and parents experienced up to 15 different hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering and math located in several classrooms, library and gym. Teachers were on hand to help guide parents and students through every challenge as they rotated from station to station. Together, they had the opportunity to create and launch “Straw Rockets,” “Build a Boat” and keep it afloat, and use their problem solving skills to build the “Tallest Tower.”
Families were also able to see their children’s science projects displayed in the school’s hallways. Pre-K through second grade students worked on a classroom project together, while third, fourth and fifth grade students created their own science project individually such as “How to make penny shinier” and “What affects a plant’s growth.”
Original article in Harlandale’s January 8th newsletter