Harlandale ISD hosted its fourth annual Ingenium Engineering Fair at Palo Alto Community College on Dec. 18-19. This engineering fair provided students the opportunity to create projects based on the world around them and their special interests. Both elementary and middle school competitors were encouraged to infuse their interests into this thematic competition designed to develop the critical thinking ability in students, as well as their ability to communicate their ideas to a panel of judges. Along with informational poster boards covered with research, statistics, and even scaled drawings, students were encouraged to create a model or prototype of their idea or solution to end their problem. Anthony Khosravi, GT/STEM Coordinator for Harlandale ISD, envisioned creating a competition where students could demonstrate their ideas and discoveries. “We wanted to give our GT students an opportunity to show off their minds and ideas,” Khosravi said. “It’s beautiful how they think and question the world around them.” When students were not being judged, they would go through activities dealing with Snapology and recycling. Sea World, SAWS and the Boys and Girls Club were also there educating students in a fun and creative way.
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