Harlandale ISD Nurse Saves a Student’s Life

Leal Middle School nurse, Jennifer Sifuentes, helped save the life of a Harlandale ISD student when he had a severe allergic reaction.

School Nurses are Heroes

The student had no known allergies but had an unusual reaction to his medication.  The teacher noticed the student itching and sent him to the school nurse’s office.

Ms. Sifuentes checked him out and noticed that his reaction was getting worse and his throat was closing. She quickly called for an ambulance and grabbed an EpiPen, which Harlandale ISD schools stock for emergency purposes like these.  Within seconds of receiving the shot, the child felt better, and the ambulance arrived shortly after.

Although Nurse Sifuentes says that she is no hero, Harlandale ISD is proud to have prepared nurses and staff that can react quickly.  Ms. Sifuentes’ job is to care for the safety and health of students, and she does it with pride!

View the story and video here:Leal Nurse Saves Student’s Life

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