East Central High School PALS (Peer Assistance Leadership & Service) traveled to Round Rock High School to the State PALS Conference and showed Central Texas what they are made of! The EC PALS had two groups of 7 and presented workshops on two different topics: “If You Really Knew Me” was a workshop that allowed PALS from across the state to let their guards down and face difficulties and challenges that they may have tried to bury. Our EC PALS created a very helpful and nurturing environment in that workshop and soon generated the most “BUZZ” around the Conference!

“Fighting Through The Storm” was a workshop solely based on Stress Management and how to deal with the rigors of growing up with all of the daily challenges at school coupled with personal challenges at home. Our EC PALS created a very fun and vibrant atmosphere and those attending left with a better feeling than when they came in.
All in all, everyone in our district and community should be very proud of the way these students conducted themselves and the pride in which they represented their Hornet Pride!
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