Southwest ISD Alumnus Returns to High School to Sign his Best-Selling Books

Southwest High School Alumnus and best-selling author, Shea Serrano, visited Southwest ISD seniors and signed copies of HIP-HOP (And Other Things).

The San Antonio Book Festival coordinated the author event at Southwest HS to give 500 signed copies of the books to students and allow them to meet the author.

Shea Serrano’s Book Series

Shea Serrano has written a trilogy of books.  Movies (And Other Things), Basketball (And Other Things), and the latest HIP-HOP (And Other Things), are all books about the author’s personal passions.

Serrano says, “When we talked about doing a trilogy, I knew I wanted to end it with rap because it’s one of my favorite things to write about.”  He also authored an earlier book about rap in The Rap Year Book in 2015.

Hip-hop resonates with Serrano more than other music genres.  He states that “Once you start listening to it and reading the lyrics, it’s so interesting how [rappers] can tell you an entire story in very few words. As a writer, I can say that is impressive. I can’t do that. The book is something like 90,000 words and [a rapper] could probably tell you everything that’s in the book in three minutes.”

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