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San Antonio public school libraries support core curriculum areas. Library media specialists collaborate with teachers and work with students to develop information literacy and digital technology skills.  These skills strengthen student achievement in language arts, reading, math, social studies, and science. 

The Role of the School Librarian


In addition to organizing and hosting fun schoolwide occasions like book fairs, book “tastings”, and the popular Scholastic Book Club events, school librarians can help students develop useful research skills. Librarians have access to a variety of resources, including books and print materials, reference sources, online databases, and internet tools. A few technology tools used commonly in libraries are Adobe Spark, Flipgrid, and various makerspace resources.  Library media specialists are valuable  instructional partners and consultants to support and build on existing educational curriculum.

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Charter Schools and Libraries

Libraries and certified librarians are not mandatory in charter schools.  Independently operated charter schools usually have more discretion over spending and they tend to have smaller facilities. Some charter schools opt for classroom libraries, which can be limited.  Charter schools do not typically invest in central school libraries and qualified librarians. 

While over 90% of the nation’s traditional public schools have a central library and state-certified librarians, most charter schools do not. (American Libraries Magazine)

The Importance of Libraries in Schools

Libraries help develop critical thinking skills which form the foundation for lifelong learning.  There is consistent evidence showing that when children have access to books, all aspects of literacy improve. Research shows that students in schools with good school libraries learn more, earn better grades, and attain higher test scores than students in schools without libraries.

The internet will never eliminate the need for traditional libraries.  Only a small percentage of information contained in print is available on the internet. Therefore, the web is not an adequate substitute for libraries. (National Council of Teachers of EnglishCentralized school libraries serve a special purpose as a center where a student can learn research and information skills, as well as digital citizenship. Our San Antonio public school libraries are places where students can freely explore books on any topic and at varying levels. 

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