Music is the great equalizer, bringing generations together, often with one verse or refrain of a familiar song. The Alamo Heights High School Choir program is recognized for its talented performers and vocal quality! Represented at the regional and state level annually, choral students are known for their musical skills and creative performances.

The word “inclusive” comes to mind when thinking about the AHHS Choir Program. No student is excluded from the opportunity to sing or perhaps just feel the music. McLeod has encouraged many students with special needs to be a part of the program. Even though they may sing off-key, or perhaps cannot sing or speak a word, all are welcome.

Every day, choral students are directed and inspired by their teacher, Angus McLeod. His lessons stretch fall beyond the walls of the choir hall. You hear his lessons in the voices of his students even when they are not in his choir room, singing the words to the latest contest piece or performance number as they walk down the halls, or gather during lunch. His lessons are lifted up in song, but carried forever in their hearts.