Go Public promotes the benefits of a K-12 public education by showcasing the choices and opportunities our Independent School Districts provide in preparing all students for college, career, and life.

We Go Public - Why Choose Public Education

Traditional public schools

Traditional public school districts bring communities together.  Every day, teachers, administrators, and staff work to provide students the foundation and opportunities to succeed in life.  There are countless stories of students overcoming obstacles, thriving under the rigor of academics, and achieving their dreams.  Neighborhood schools are surrounded and supported by the community and local businesses.   Providing education for all children not only serves the individual and family but also creates a strong workforce.  Public education is free and open to all students and is critical to the health and vitality of our community.  Sports stadiums and athletics, fine arts, science fairs, school cafeterias, and PTA meetings are just a fraction of the times we come together to support our students on their roads to success.  Traditional public education guarantees the following:

Active and Engaged Learning

In our schools, students are engaged in active, hands-on learning, from building rockets to planting gardens. To harness students’ passion for particular topics, we offer variety of magnets and specialized learning programs from K-12, in everything from theater and bilingual education to business and health careers.

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In 1993, the Texas Legislature put statutes in place for the Texas public school accountability system to rate school districts and evaluate campuses.