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Sophomore Year

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Build Your Resume Through Your Sophomore Year / 10th Grade

Sophomore year or the 10th grade of high school is a time to begin seriously thinking about post-secondary plans.  Tenth grade is when students can start researching colleges, visiting campuses, and thinking about career goals.  They should plan to take the PSAT and any AP classes.  The sophomoric year should be spent enjoying extracurriculars and exploring school clubs while keeping grades high.

Avoid the 10th Grade “Sophomore Slump”

Sophomores should check in with counselors to stay on track academically and to avoid the sophomore slump when some students can lose motivation. Tenth-graders can avoid the sophomore slump by remembering how important the tenth-grade year is to their overall success in high school!

Sophomore year is a planning period.  It is a time to begin thinking of potential colleges, majors, and career goals.  Here are a few tips for a successful year of preparations:

Look for Leadership Opportunities

Find which extracurricular activities or volunteer work that best highlights your skills and interests, and focus on earning leadership roles.  It is better to succeed in one or two than to spread yourself too thin with many.

Keep Grades Up

Sophomore year is a perfect time to bring up your grades and maintain them.  Grades matter more this year than your freshman year.

Challenge Yourself

If you think you can handle the work, push yourself by taking AP and honors courses. Only take advanced courses that you have the time allocated and passion for the subject.  Try to sign up for elective courses that are in line with your interest or future career goals. 

Take Tests Early

If your school offers the PSAT to sophomores, take it as practice for taking the test as a junior.  It will show you what you need to study before taking it again.  Develop a strategy for taking the ACT and/or SAT.  You may have the opportunity to take the SAT or ACT in the spring of your sophomore year, which can serve as practice for those exams.

Build a College List

Begin a list of potential colleges and research what they have to offer.  Include safety schools, match schools, and reach schools.  You can edit the list as you do more research and visit campuses in person.

Source: College Vine

Finishing School on Time – College Planning and the PSAT

August – September 

  • Begin thinking about your future goals.
  • Meet with a counselor to discuss college/ career plans.
  • Discuss the cost of college with your parents.
  • Take AP or CTE classes.
  • Get involved with extracurricular activities.

October – December

  • Register and take PSAT.
  • Understand what are good PSAT scores for your career goals.
  • Make good grades and track your high school GPA progress. 

January – May

  • Meet with the counselor to plan your junior year class schedule.
  • Begin your college search by making a list of colleges or trade schools you want to research.
  • Request information from schools.
  • Keep college research, information, and due dates organized.

Sophomore Sources and Additional Information for 10th Graders


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