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Pre-k and Kindergarten Registration

About Pre-K

Parents can support their child’s educational path by starting with Pre-K. Research shows that students enrolled in Pre-K tend to have an easier transition into kindergarten and elementary school. Students are not only introduced to learning, but also gain invaluable social skills. In addition to curriculum, Pre-K introduces students to the school day structure and how to follow instructions. 

About Kindergarten 

Kindergarten is where students begin the educational path. In addition to academics, they gain invaluable skills and knowledge. Students are equipped to continue their educational path in elementary school.

Basic skills students learn include getting around a school building, sharing, cleaning up after themselves, following a schedule, obeying rules, and making friends. For a young child, these are huge milestones to conquer without the help of a parent. 

Below are the registration information pages within San Antonio area ISDs. You can explore new student registration, as well as Pre-K and kindergarten.

Click on the school district your child will attend. When you get to the school district’s website, you’ll see information about registration and contacts. It’s also helpful to follow that school district’s social media channels to stay in the know about special events around PreK and kindergarten enrollment. 

Go directly to your school and district’s registration information pages within the Houston Gulf Coast area ISDs.

PreK and Kindergarten Parent Resources 

Check out the videos below for a quick snapshot about both PreK and kindergarten curriculum. 

Learn more about what your child will learn and gain by exploring our Education Timeline.

Why Kindergarten Teachers are Special

Kindergarten teachers leave an indelible mark on students hearts. Kindergarten teachers use exciting, fun, engaging hands-on teaching methods. They incorporate games, music, books, art, and computers into daily lessons. They ensure that children enjoy their school day every day, and they lay the foundation to love learning. 

National Kindergarten Day - why do we celebrate on April 21st?

April 21 is the birthday of Wilhelm August Frobel (1782-1852), the founder of kindergarten. Frobel’s first kindergarten opened in 1837 in Germany.  He coined the term “kindergarten”, which combines the German “kinder” (children) and “garten” (garden). Frobel said “Children are like tiny flowers; they are varied and need care, but each is beautiful alone and glorious when seen in the community of peers.”

Pre-K and Kindergarten Spotlight

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