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Huffman ISD

All students deserve equal educational opportunities to develop the foundation for life-long learning


The Mission of Huffman ISD is to empower students to be responsible, life-long learners who are prepared to succeed in personal and professional life.


Huffman ISD is moving and grooving! We might be small, but we are powerful! We are proud of so many things our students are involved in. We are mostly proud of the opportunities we create for our students to learn about caring and supporting other students in need. We have two programs in particular that pairs up regular ed students with special needs students to give our special needs students opportunities to participate in very popular competitions…one is through our FFA program and one is through athletics and other student organizations. Both are so amazing! Although we do focus on academics and preparing all students for life after high school, we emphasize the importance of building positive relationships between staff and students as well as those between students and other students. Huffman ISD is truly a GREAT place to be!

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Dr. Benny Soileau Superintendent Huffman ISD

Dr. Benny Soileau

Dr. Benny Soileau “I welcome the challenge, and I look forward to having the opportunity to serve a community of this caliber,” Soileau said. “When you have a board, and a group of people that you are working with that is this knowledgeable about the community and is willing to step forward and do what is good for children, I think it is certainly a benefit to all.”

Ray Burt


Dean Warren

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Aaron Alexander


Matt Dutton

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Kirk Vaughn


Preston Tucker


Amanda Mcgee


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