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Go Public’s Education Timeline: The Ultimate Parent Guide for Navigating Pre-K Through Graduation

Deciding where to attend school is one step on a child’s educational journey. The other step is navigating what to expect along the way. Go Public provides a solution with the Education Timeline available here and in downloadable guides.

Go Public’s content producer and parent of two daughters in public schools, Trina Pruitt, researched, compiled, and wrote the Education Timeline. She conceived the idea out of her own frustrations in managing what was needed and when.

Trina says, “I had no idea when to begin all the steps involved in preparing my high school daughter for college. I have another daughter in elementary school, with a different set of needs. I thought if I had a guide or manual to help me navigate everything, it would save me so much time and stress. The guide would start with Pre-K and go through graduation, with helpful financial aid tips as well. This is how the Education Timeline idea came to fruition.”

The Education Timeline will continue to evolve and expand as more resources are developed.

Organized by Grade Levels

The Education Timeline helps parents navigate the choices, opportunities, and requirements from Pre-K through graduation in public schools. It exists online and in downloadable guides.

Guides, checklists, tips, and more

Documents required for registration and other helpful Pre-K and kindergarten guides.

  • What to expect at each grade level
  • Tips to help students transition from each phase – elementary to middle, middle to high school

At-a-glance of the basic topics and subject matter according to the Texas Education Agency.

Checklists include financial aid, scholarships, and testing to help organize and plan for college and the future. Tips for college applications help students stay on top of what is required.

FAFSA guide including a year by year list of to-dos. 



Early Childhood

Track physical and mental development and communication skills in young children from birth to age 5. Read about Early Childhood Intervention and free testing and services for children with special needs or disabilities.

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Get a head start preparing for pre-k and kindergarten. Find registration requirements and curriculum expectations, as well as tips to prepare for the first day.

Elementary 1st-5th Grade

Prepare for the first day of school with new routines and back-to-school to-do lists. See curriculum expectations by grade level.

Middle School 6th-8th Grade

Learn how to support children transitioning into middle school and calm anxieties. Find suggestions for success in middle school by year- as well as tips for preparing for high school.

High School – 9th Grade (Freshman)

Gain advice on starting high school, read important questions to ask a counselor, and create a ninth-grade self-evaluation list. 

High School – 10th Grade (Sophomore)

Begin building a high school resume with recommendations for college planning, taking the PSAT, and avoiding the sophomore slump.

High School – 11th Grade (Junior)

Discover instructions for prepping for SAT/ACT exams, researching potential scholarships, and visiting possible colleges or trade schools.

High School – 12th Grade (Senior)

Get suggestions on how to finish high school strong by meeting with counselors and checking graduation requirements. Prepare for final steps with college application and essay tips.

FAFSA – Financial Aid

Get year by year guidance to successfully apply for financial aid and complete the FAFSA application.

“The goal is to help parents know what to expect ahead of time so that important steps in the process aren’t missed. I love the fact that my daughters receive a public education. And, by using the Education Timeline, I’m confident that I’m not missing any opportunities along the way."
Tina Pruitt
Content Producer

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