High School Graduation Ceremonies

Traditional public schools are dedicated to making every graduating student feel honored and recognized for the hard work and commitment it takes to graduate with awarding students with a high school diploma. Seniors walk through elementary school hallways donning their caps and gowns like celebrities in the eyes of the kindergarteners.  Teachers shed a few bittersweet tears seeing their former students grown and ready to receive their diplomas.  Photos are taken, yearbooks are signed, and memories are made.

We look forward to celebrating graduations, listening to commencement and valedictorian speeches, and witnessing the familiar “Pomp and Circumstance” marches. And we can’t wait to see where life takes these graduates next!

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Graduation Preparation Timeline 

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Graduation 2022 Graduation 2023 Graduation 2024 Graduation 2025 Graduation 2026
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6 Weeks Prior to Graduation

  1. Order Your Graduation Announcements/ Invitations
  2. Purchase graduation invitations and announcements through a school representative on your campus or online.  Announcements allow you to share the news of your accomplishment with friends and family.  Invitations are used to request that friends and family members attend the graduation ceremony and/or a graduation party or celebration.
  3. Order Your Cap and Gown
  4. Purchase your graduation cap and gown through a school representative.  They will ensure you order the correct size and style.  You may also order special cords or stoles to display your academic achievements or student organizations.
  5. Get graduation Thank You Cards
  6. Order cards through your campus representative, online, in stores, or make your own.  

4 Weeks Prior to Graduation

  1. Buy Graduation Gifts
  2. Purchase gifts and/or graduation cards for graduates.  Some graduates and families give special gifts or individual notes of gratitude to teachers that helped the student achieve success.
  3. Take graduation photos at an iconic spot on your campus to share online and with family. 
  4. Celebrate with a Party, Celebration, or Get Together
  5. Decide on your guest list, location, menu, and decorations.  Make any needed reservations. Begin shopping for everything you will need for your event. 

 Mail Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Address and mail announcements and party invitations so that guests can mark their calendars for your special day. Considering including a special graduation quote or life motto to better connect with your guest list. 

2 Weeks Prior to Graduation

  1. Shop for Your Graduation Dress or Graduation Outfit 
  2. Purchase an outfit and shoes that are comfortable and nice.  You can choose to wear graduation dresses or skirts, dress shirts and slacks, or even fun graduation shirts with witty sayings.  It is up to you to decide what to wear, but solid colors that may fall below the gown line are recommended for uniformity.
  3. Finalize Party Plans
  4. Purchase supplies like service ware, tablecloths, centerpieces, balloons, etc.  Confirm menu plans.  

1 Week Prior to Graduation

  1. Prepare Your Clothing
  2. Hang your gown to release wrinkles, unfold your cap to release folds.  Steam your clothes ahead of time to look your best.  Make sure you have everything you need.
  3. Final Shopping List
  4. Purchase and confirm orders and deliveries for food, drinks, flowers, etc. Buy any last-minute clothing accessories.   Get ready to celebrate!

Immediately After the Events

Mail Graduation Thank You Cards

Send handwritten thank-you notes as soon as you receive gifts so that you don’t get overwhelmed.  Proper graduation thank you message includes: 

  • Letting the giver know that you received the gift
  • Telling the giver how you will use the gift or why you like it
  • Describing a personal connection to the giver
  • Genuine thankfulness