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RootEd Parents A Grassroots Organization Promoting Neighborhood Public Schools

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RootEd is a grassroots organization created by a group of parents whose main goal is to advocate for local public schools. Their mission is to promote public schools through storytelling, educating parents on the importance of public schools, and advocacy at the state capitol.

RootEd was started as a result of the rising numbers of parents and guardians searching for alternatives to public schools. The RootEd parents realized that a lot of their peers didn’t know about the innovative programs, benefits, and pathways found in their own neighborhood public schools. They also realized that sometimes the reasons for parents not choosing public schools was due to misperceptions and untruths. They came together to help dispel myths and re-introduce their peers to the wonderful opportunities available for their children through their neighborhood, traditional public schools.

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RootEd curates positive stories about public schools on social media, helps schools create their own RootEd hashtags, and trains RootEd representatives to advocate for their own schools. Through these activities, other parents will learn about some of the wonderful things happening and make informed choices about the best pathways for their child.


RootEd believes all students benefit by having a traditional public school experience, in turn creating a strengthened and flourishing community.  Not only are students receiving a well rounded education, but they are also building stronger communities and neighborhoods. Often, students go to school with others in the neighborhood and parents get to know their neighbors through the events and activities at school. Students are exposed to diversity, which is a valuable trait many companies seek in their employees. Public schools provide the educational foundation, social interactions, and even leadership programs that can strengthen a child’s character and ability to navigate the world. 

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