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Huffman ISD Makes Art for Breakfast

Huffman ISD Art students making pancake art

Huffman ISD’s Middle School Art Teacher, Mrs. Lothringer, introduced her Art I and Art II students to the element of color in art by making breakfast! The demonstration showcased the transformation of primary colors into secondary colors through an engaging method that involved pancakes, some food coloring, and most importantly, creativity!

Huffman ISD student makes pancakes
Girl makes pancake art

After the demonstration, Art II students were able to enhance their skills by creating pancake art, and applying their knowledge of how colors would transform. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lothringer treated Huffman Middle School Staff with yummy treats to show her appreciation for HMS Staff Members.

boy making pancake art

Mrs. Lothringer’s innovative approach to teaching about color was creative and engaging for her students. By incorporating hands-on activities like with moving parts, mixed colors, and students at the griddle, she not only deepened their understanding of color transformation but also allowed them to apply their newfound knowledge in a fun and practical way. These types of creative and engaging lessons not only enrich the learning experience but also inspire students to explore and develop their artistic skills. Find out more about Fine Arts Programs here.


Source: Huffman ISD Facebook

Blog by: Kalista Cabato, Intern UT Austin

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