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Texas public schools, within an ISD, offer choices and opportunities for all students. The range and variety ensure students develop their knowledge, talent, and skills. Firstly, academics are regulated by the Texas Education Agency. Public schools must adhere to guidelines and regulations. Secondly, teachers are accredited and degreed. And finally, students and families are supported by many services and organizations. 

The Education Timeline

Many steps, choices, and decisions are made beginning the first day of Pre-K through the diploma toss at graduation. Go Public’s Education Timeline: The Ultimate Parent Guide for Navigating Pre-K through Graduation helps guide parents, students, and families along the way.

Learn About Texas Public School Services

Texas Independent School Districts provide services for all students. A student’s success often depends on the support offered. Student health, transportation, special needs, and academic support are important. In addition, schools rely on state and federal funding to provide services like school meals and school safety. Explore the services below to learn more about their value to all students.

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ISDs can also become members of Go Public. We provide additional information and spotlights on their offerings and successes.  

We Go Public

The non-profit, We Go Public (Go Public) provides resources and spotlights to help parents and the community learn about public education and public schools. Our website and tools include information about: 

High School Art Contest

Open to our member districts, our 5th annual high school art contest spotlights student talent. In both the San Antonio and Houston regions, students can submit their artwork through March. Winners’ art will be featured on a VIA bus in San Antonio and on totes in both regions. 

We’re excited to see the talent focused on this year’s theme, “Texas’ Beauty”!

High school art contest

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