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Nineteen Independent School Districts Boundary Map and Directory

Review the school district map to find your current or potential San Antonio-area school district. Click on each pin to access their profile page including contact information, programs, and awards.

School Districts in San Antonio

Go Public provides information about public education and its member school districts in San Antonio. This page can help you answer questions like:

  1. Where are the San Antonio school district boundaries?
  2. How do I register my child for school?
  3. What academic programs are offered in San Antonio?
  4. What is CTE?
  5. Why choose public education?  


Academic Programs in San Antonio's ISDs

Click on the icons to learn more about San Antonio public schools’ academic programs.

PreK-12 Public Education in San Antonio

How to Register Your Child for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Access tips, checklists, guides, and direct links to enrollment pages. Our Education Timeline is the Ultimate Parent Guide for Navigating Pre-K through Graduation.


What is offered in San Antonio’s CTE Programs?

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs provide students the skills and experience to succeed in a variety of pathways. 


Great Things Happening in San Antonio Area ISDs

CTE Month and the Culinary Arts Pathway

CTE Month and the Culinary Arts Pathway CTE, or Career and Technical Education,  includes public…

Public Schools Welcome Comfort Dogs On Campus

Public Schools Welcome Comfort Dogs on Campuses Students have the opportunity to lean on dogs…

San Antonio ISD Offers Hands-on Bioscience Engineer Learning

SAISD Students Experience Bioscience Students from Davis Middle School in San Antonio ISD took a…

U.S. Education Secretary visits Edgewood ISD

U.S. Education Secretary visits Edgewood ISD U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona visited Edgewood ISD’s Gus…

Superintendent of the Year Nominee in Judson ISD

Superintendent of the Year Nominee in Judson ISD! Superintendent Janette Ball of Judson ISD is…

Edgewood ISD Grant Provides Swings for Students in Wheelchairs

Edgewood ISD Installs Wheelchair Swings F.D. Roosevelt Elementary School students soar!   An Edgewood ISD innovation…



Hosted and produced by Emmy award-winning journalist WOAI/Channel 4’s David Chancellor, these segments highlight students, educators, and schools throughout San Antonio-area’s ISDs. The wonderful, moving, and life-changing things happening every day in public schools serve as the backdrop for everything from innovative programs to extraordinary people. David’s storytelling captures the heart, mind, and spirit of San Antonio-area ISDs.


We’ll feature some of the best stories, highlights, and events throughout the year. From Go Public with David Chancellor to Bexar County School Board Coalition’s Heroes for Health, students and educators inspire us through their dreams and journeys. Stories and events throughout San Antonio-area’s ISDs include leadership and development opportunities, talent, academic rigor, career-based skills, kindness, and compassion.

Program Spotlight on Academics, Extracurriculars, and CTE

Why Choose Public Education in San Antonio?

Our San Antonio-area Independent School Districts serve 340,238 students. Our school zones are broken up into ISDs (school districts).

The districts cover Bexar, the Hill Country, Comal, and Wilson counties.

Principals, teachers, counselors, nurses, and maintenance are a few of the roles working together to create an environment that is safe and supportive.  Academics and extracurricular clubs provide opportunities to all students with varying interests and skill levels.  

Parent and student choice are unparalleled. Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, Magnets, Trades, Special Needs, Fine Arts, and STEM are among the 180 academic and developmental choices that exist within our districts.

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