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Alief ISD CTE Center Offers Vet Program

Alief student in CTE program has the opportunity to work with animals for vet training

At Alief ISD, students have an exciting opportunity to explore diverse career paths through the Center for Advanced Careers. The process involves starting their journey with foundational courses (first or second level) at their home campuses – Elsik, Hastings, or Taylor. As they progress, they transition to the Center to complete specialized, advanced courses that offer multiple credits, paving the way to a bright future.

Alief ISD CTE students preparing for vet training for vet program

Houston’s Alief Center for Advanced Careers, inaugurated on September 13, 2018, ushers in a new era of education. Offering a wide array of courses from architecture to welding, this cutting-edge center propels students into higher education or their chosen professions with precision.

Alief ISD student and teacher pose with pet during vet program

Through this initiative, Alief students in the vet science program dedicated over 20 hours for a two day volunteer event during the summer as they assisted in 526 spay/neuter surgeries for pets. Not only did they exhibit their skills from the academic year, but they also earned significant hours that count towards their Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA) qualifications.

One remarkable feature is its commitment to providing students with a realistic career preview. Classrooms and labs simulate actual work environments, giving students a head start in shaping their career goals. The center’s versatility extends to certifications and training programs, facilitating smooth transitions to higher education or trades after graduation.

The Interactive Observation Lab (IOL), or the Asymmetric Cone, is a standout feature, functioning as a surgical amphitheater and adaptable learning space. Students from various high schools can start their journey here, with a clear pathway to success through well-planned course progressions. Alief Center for Advanced Careers sets a new standard for educational excellence, reflecting a collaborative effort to guide students towards a prosperous future.

Alief ISD STE student holds animal during vet program
Alief ISD CTE students train with animals in vet program

Source: Alief ISD Website, Alief ISD Facebook and Instagram, Article from Spaces4Learning

Blog by: Maegan Monje, Intern, UTSA

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