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AISD Students Offer CTE Services

Angleton ISD CTE student trains and prepares food for student-ran bistro

Angleton ISD‘s Career and Technology Education (CTE) program opens its doors, offering an array of remarkable services to the public. This initiative is a testament to the program’s commitment to giving students hands-on experience while providing valuable services to the local community.The AISD CTE program allows its students to apply the skills they’ve learned in a practical setting by offering services through the Wildcat Bistro, Wildcat Salon and Barbershop, and Wildcat Groomers, all hosted at the CTE Center.

Starting with the Wildcat Bistro, which operates on Thursday mornings, students specializing in culinary arts take the lead in preparing delicious meals for customers. This not only hones their culinary skills but also gives them a taste of real-world customer service and restaurant management.

On Saturdays, the Wildcat Salon and Barbershop comes to life, welcoming clients seeking haircuts, hairstyling, and pampering. Students pursuing careers in cosmetology and grooming provide their amazing services under the guidance of their instructors, giving them valuable experience and building their confidence in their chosen fields.

Lastly, the Wildcat Groomers, open on Thursday mornings, offer a fantastic opportunity for pet owners in the community offering basic grooming to specialized packages, they cater to various pet grooming needs, ensuring the furry members of the community are pampered and well cared for.

All these services are offered at reasonable prices, making them accessible and appealing to the local community. This venture enables students in the CTE program to showcase and refine their skills, providing excellent services while enhancing their proficiency in their respective trades. The CTE program at Angleton ISD is not just about learning in the classroom; it’s about applying that knowledge in a real-world setting, benefiting both students and the community.

Source: Angleton ISD Website, Angleton ISD Facebook

Blog by: Maegan Monje, Intern, UTSA

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