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ECISD Shares Student Activities

East central student activities

Greetings, WeGoPublic Community!

East Central ISD is thrilled to introduce what they have dubbed the “Waves of Participation,” inspired by East Central ISD’s “Tides of Pride.

In this update, we’re sharing images sourced from their weekly e-newsletter, which is committed to keeping the community well-informed about the exciting happenings in their classrooms and throughout their picturesque campuses!

Firstly, pre-kindergarten dual language students at Salado Elementary find great delight in engaging with the outdoor workspaces. These young learners relish the opportunity to work and play in the fresh air.

Following a recent rain shower, our Pre-K students enthusiastically ventured outdoors to explore the newly formed puddles. Donning their rain boots, they joyfully splashed around and engaged in lively conversations about the charming puddles.

Speaking of learning, a consortium of superintendents and high-ranking administrators from San Antonio and its vicinity came together to make blood donations at South Texas Blood & Tissue.

In recognition of the solemn 1-year anniversary of the school shooting tragedy and deeply inspired by the incredible strength displayed by 10-year-old survivor Mayah Zamora.

Sean Maika, Superintendent of North East Independent School District, expressed the sentiment that, “We all exist in this world together; we have to help one another. This is a small, simple little task to help someone, and you’ll never know who it is.”

Twelve school district executives selflessly donated blood in solidarity with the Uvalde community and had the privilege of meeting Mayah, who has become an advocate for blood donation after her life was saved through multiple blood transfusions following the tragic incident at Robb Elementary School in May 2022.

Kenneth Thompson, Deputy Superintendent of San Antonio Independent School District, emphasized the importance of districts supporting each other during such challenging times, stating, “This is our sister school district, so I want to support them. At times like these, it’s important for districts to come together and support one another.”

Mayah’s parents, Christina and Ruben Zamora, met and expressed their gratitude to everyone involved in their daughter’s care, from emergency medical technicians to trauma surgeons. They also encouraged school leaders to donate as a means of giving back.

The significance of school blood drives was underscored, as they supply more than 20% of the blood collected annually by South Texas Blood & Tissue. In addition to donating, the school leaders aimed to inspire eligible individuals and their school communities to contribute to this vital cause.

One touching story emerged from this effort, as it was revealed that one of the blood donors, Adrianna Garcia, was a student at the time she donated at her high school’s blood drive. Her donation went on to save Mayah’s life, highlighting the impact of such contributions.

Harlandale Superintendent in picture
Harlandale Administration with Zamora Family

Source: East Central ISD Website, East Central ISD Facebook, South Texas Blood & Tissue

By: Kamryn Lewis, Intern, USA


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