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Alamo Heights ISD Meets Holocaust Survivor

texas holocaust week san antonio

A San Antonio local and Holocaust survivor teaches Alamo Heights ISD students about Holocaust Remembrance  and the importance of that time in history.

Cambridge fifth grade students received a lesson for Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week that only few in the world can teach. Local survivor, Rose Williams, spoke to the group to share her incredible story of surviving the Auschwitz concentration camps.

texas holocaust remembrance week

Rose Sherman Williams is a Holocaust survivor and local San Antonio resident. At just twelve years old, she was faced with the horrors of WWII. The Nazis occupied her hometown in Poland in 1939 and split her family up into several concentration camps. She now dedicates her time to raising awareness of the Holocaust by telling stories about experiences in her difficult life through the Holocaust. The Holocaust Memorial Museum of San Antonio preserves this time in history where visitors can learn through exhibits and speakers like Rose.

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