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Brazosport Girl Scouts Create Kindness Corner

Brazosport ISD students, girl scouts, and community celebrate establishment of the Kindness Corner at A.P. Beutel Elementary School

A.P. Beutel Elementary School in Brazosport ISD is graced with a special tradition of former students returning to enrich the campus for future Trailblazers of the Brazosport Girl Scouts.

Among these exceptional individuals are Ava Crisp and Autumn Garza, alumni of Troop 144039, who recently achieved their Silver Award through the Girl Scouts by crafting ‘The Kindness Corner’. This inspiring nook offers students a space for contemplation and self-reflection.

Brazosport ISD Student and Girl Scout earns Silver Award
Brazosport ISD Student and Girl Scout earns Silver Award

Thanks to the invaluable support from the Busy Bees Garden Club, this space will be diligently maintained, ensuring it remains a meaningful retreat for students seeking solace. The recent ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated the successful completion of this esteemed award, a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by Ava Crisp and Autumn Garza. Heartfelt congratulations to these incredible young ladies from Brazosport Girl Scouts!

A.P. Beutel Elementary Students in the newly created Kindness Corner

Source: Brazosport ISD Facebook

Blog by: Maegan Monje, Intern, UTSA

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