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Ring Returns to Santa Fe ISD Class of 1988

johns evans gets his ring back

Santa Fe isd helps return a class ring which had been missing for nearly 40 years!

Young John evans

In 1987, amid a family outing at the Texas City Dike, a Santa Fe High School graduate proudly wore his new class ring. After a day of fishing, swimming, and merriment, the ring vanished, prompting a frantic search that yielded no results.

class ring

Fast forward to January 2024, when the Marine Debris Division of the Galveston Bay Foundation discovered a nearly pristine ring during a routine survey. Identified as belonging to a graduate from Santa Fe High School’s Class of 1988, the initials J.E.E. engraved inside provided a clue to its owner.

ring reunion

Lisa Scobel, Program Director for the Marine Debris Division, spearheaded the search, while Marsha Banda, SFISD Skyward Administration Specialist, meticulously combed through records and utilized social media to locate John E. Evans, the ring’s rightful owner. Amidst a blend of nostalgia and gratitude, Lisa and Marsha facilitated Mr. Evans’ reunion with his cherished ring. Despite 37 years of exposure to sand and saltwater, the ring remained remarkably intact, evoking a sense of wonder in its owner.

john evens with his ring

This tale underscores the enduring resilience of hope and determination. Heartfelt appreciation is extended to the Debris Team, Lisa, and Marsha for their unwavering commitment to reuniting Mr. Evans with his long-lost treasure—a truly remarkable conclusion worth celebrating.

Source: Sante Fe ISD Facebook 

Blog By: Kyle Buzbee, Intern, UST

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