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South San Antonio ISD Culinary Club Returns to Cooking

Students enhance their cooking skills.

South San Antonio ISD’s culinary club are putting their aprons back on and are ready to cook up a storm.

The Kindred Elementary, Culinary Tigers, announced they will be holding their meetings again this upcoming year. The club was started five years ago by teacher Ms. Dominga Sanchez and fellow teachers.

Upon the club’s return, they instituted a small fee to join. The fees will help with purchasing ingredients that will be used. “Inflation has hit us hard, so with that fee, we can ensure that each student has the opportunity to cook different parts of the food we prepare and get a good sense of the steps and processes of cooking,” Sanchez states.

Student cooking.
Students working together.

Prior to the pandemic, the Culinary Club went on different field trips to learn outside their classroom. They visited the Culinary Arts program at South San Antonio HS, where they learned to make french crepes! Ms. Dominga hopes they can continue to take these field trips so the students can get real-life experiences.

She expresses, “I feel like that will really open the student’s eyes to what is possible in Culinary Arts for them. It would be inspiring to see.”

Culinary Tiger teachers pose for a group photo.
Students share a meal together.

Blog by: Cass Garza, Intern, UTSA

Source: South San ISD Cooking Club

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