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HISD Seniors Visit TAMU-SA


Texas A&M University-San Antonio recently hosted a special event for Harlandale ISD seniors, where they enjoyed an exciting pep rally, a special tour of the campus, and concluded the trip with on-the-spot admission to the university!


Texas A&M University-San Antonio recently hosted a special event for Harlandale Independent School District (ISD) seniors, providing them with a memorable and informative experience. The event included several exciting activities and opportunities:

  1. Pep Rally: The day began with an exhilarating pep rally, where the Harlandale ISD seniors could soak in the university spirit and get a taste of the vibrant campus atmosphere. Pep rallies are known for boosting morale and instilling a sense of community, making this an engaging start to the event.

  2. Campus Tour: Following the pep rally, the students were treated to a special tour of the Texas A&M University-San Antonio campus. This guided tour likely showcased the university’s facilities, academic buildings, recreational areas, and other important landmarks. Campus tours are invaluable for prospective students as they help them become familiar with their potential future learning environment.

  3. On-the-Spot Admission: Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the event was the opportunity for on-the-spot admission to the university. This means that eligible Harlandale ISD seniors who attended the event may have had the chance to apply for admission right then and there, simplifying the application process and providing immediate feedback on their university acceptance status.

Overall, this event not only served as a day of celebration and inspiration for the Harlandale ISD seniors but also as a practical step towards higher education. It encouraged them to consider Texas A&M University-San Antonio as their next academic destination and eased the admissions process, possibly opening doors to future educational opportunities. Such events play a significant role in motivating and assisting students as they transition to higher education.

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