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Dickinson ISD Hosts “Teen Talks”

Edward "Doc" Amey giving his weekly "Teen Talk"

Dickson ISD hosted Edward ‘Doc’ Amey at the Coastal Academy Program for his weekly “Teen Talk”.

Dickinson isd Teen Talk

The CAP program was implemented under the Safe and Secure Schools Act. The alternative education program is set to assist expelled students to graduate high school. It helps the students develop skills to avoid being expelled in the future as well as gain the ability to accept academic responsibility.

Teen Talk dickinson isd

Every Thursday, Amey has dedicated the time to these students to be an inspiration and share his story. Growing up, Amey had a tough childhood which ultimately led to him being incarcerated three times. After the third time, Amey decided to change his life for the better. He found motivation in himself and his faith to change the course of where his life was headed. He’s goal is to inspire the students of the CAP program to break away from “generational courses”.

Source: Dickinson ISD Facebook

Blog By: Maryam Mirgadiyeva, Intern, UTSA

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