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San Antonio ISD Celebrates Black History Month

SAISD drove its Black history month pop-up museum bus

San Antonio ISD honored Black History Month throughout the district! From hallway parades to a pop-up museum on wheels, each campus celebrated the month with special events.

Pop-up museum bus celebrates Black history month
SAISD honored Black History Month with a pop-up museum on wheels

SAISD’s Carvajal Elementary held a Black History Month Parade, named the “I Have a Dream Parade,” featuring students walking through the halls carrying the posters they made about influential Black Americans. 

“As part of the parade, each teacher was assigned an African American innovator from the past or present to decorate their doors and bulletin boards, and these innovators were showcased during the parade,” first grade teacher Raven Haygan said. 

SAISD Black History Month parade
SAISD students participate in the Black History Month parade

“To prepare, every class was given a template, tailored to their grade level, in reference to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. Using this template, students displayed their aspirations for their future and their dream careers.”

The San Antonio ISD transportation department drove its Black History Month Pop-Up Museum to campuses across the district. Students from Herff Elementary enjoyed the bus, checking out photos, brief bios, and a video link to compelling stories about SAISD schools named after Black Americans.

SAISD Black history month pop-up on wheels
SAISD Black history month pop-up on wheels

Bus drivers and monitors are the teachers as they lead the students through the bus highlighting the individuals represented. The bus visited 28 schools!

Black History month pop-up museum on wheels
SAISD Black History month parade on wheels
SAISD celebrates Black History Month
Students from SAISD paricipate in Black History month parade

“We expanded the program this year due to demand from the schools,” Nathan Graf, senior executive director of Transportation, said. “This year we have double the number of schools participating.”

By Sloan Patterson, Texas State University

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