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Houston Fine Arts Programs

Fine arts education programs in Houston area traditional public schools contribute to student growth and development. The fine arts include music, theatre, dance, visual arts, and art.  Students can explore and build their knowledge, skills, and talent through a wide variety of opportunities including performing arts, drama club, dance team, film making, video production, sculpture, marching band, interactive media, photography, and drawing.

Performance art also allows for a higher level of physical activity and provides students opportunities for creative expression in front of an audience.  With musical theatre, choir, ballet, and the school marching band, performing arts students can gain confidence and self-awareness through their creative expression. 

Houston area traditional public schools offer a variety of core music programs that follow national standards for music education. These programs help prepare students who desire to be music majors at the college level while providing other students the opportunity to explore musical interests and improve critical thinking skills. 

Whether a student plans to earn an MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) or is interested in drawing as a hobby, there is something for everyone when it comes to the fine arts programs.

Art as socialization

Fine arts students also prepare year-round for competitions.  Students have the opportunity to compete in district, regional, and state-wide tournaments, some reaching the national competition level.  Coaches and teachers are degreed and accredited, and they have experience and expertise in their fields. Their commitment to their students and genuine enthusiasm for their success provides a thriving learning environment.

Houston public schools provide the traditional fine arts courses and clubs, such as music, band, drama, video, film, photography, pottery, painting, and more. Schools embrace and promote the importance of the arts, and options and opportunities address a variety of  interests, skills, and individual needs.

Benefits to students involved in the fine arts

The Texas Education Agency defines disciplines within fine arts according to grade levels. Music, theatre, and visual arts include students in kindergarten through grade 12. 

According to  Chapter 117 of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Fine Arts:

  • Fine Arts programs offer unique experiences and empower students to explore realities, relationships, and ideas. 


  • Disciplines engage and motivate all students through active learning, critical thinking, and innovative problem-solving. 


  • Students develop cognitive functioning and increase student academic achievement with higher-order thinking, communication, and collaboration skills  This makes the fine arts applicable to college readiness, career opportunities, workplace environments, social skills, and everyday life.


  • Students develop aesthetic and cultural awareness through exploration, leading to creative expression. Creativity, encouraged through the study of the fine arts, is essential to nurture and develop the whole child.


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