Houston Region STEM Programs

Public school districts in the Gulf Coast area provide inclusive STEM and STEAM academic programs to every student. STEM programs emphasize Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, while STEAM curriculum also includes Arts Education.

STEM programs in Houston-area public schools provide innovative learning experiences that go beyond simply “technology in the classroom.”  Local students use project-based learning and hands-on learning in both individual and group settings. Students learn valuable skills to actively brainstorm, question, and make intellectual decisions.  They present their work to classroom peers and instructors. Students analyze multiple points of view as they share ideas with one another.  They apply the technology that is needed to develop answers to complex issues and questions. STEM curriculum uses technology in a responsible, ethical manner. Students are immersed in many STEM occupations, and they learn how their school’s STEM classes can prepare them for future careers.

What is Project-Based Learning?

Project-based learning, or PBL, is a way of teaching students and allowing them to engage in meaningful, real-world projects. Students can work on projects over a long period of time in order to provide the experience to engage them in solving a complex problem or question. Problem-based learning students demonstrate their project solutions by making a presentation to teachers and peers or by creating a product for the real-world.

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STEM/ STEAM Curriculum

Gulf Coast STEAM schools and programs provide a foundation for college courses and future career paths in a vast array of subjects.  Popular STEM courses include biology, astronomy, aerospace engineering, AP physics, chemistry, computer science, civil engineering, electrical engineering, psychology, math, mechanical engineering, AP calculus, robotics, and AP statistics.  STEM courses explore over 40 types of engineering paths to students starting in elementary school.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and STEM

Texas schools adhere to the state’s Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in Mathematics (Math TEKS) standards.

Find out more about the Texas TEKS state standards here.

Our Houston- area public school districts’ STEM/STEAM curriculum offers students more than that of a school of science and technology. Technology in our public schools encompasses a variety of classes and concepts. These concepts range from basic science and math classes to abstract and complex intellectual instruction. Students at all levels in Gulf Coast school districts can take advantage of the intensive and valuable STEAM programs that our local public schools provide.

STEM / STEAM Programs

STEAM programs in public schools teach students to think critically and become innovators.